Breaking Limits Ministries is a humanitarian organization founded on the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ on compassion and caring for the less privileged around us. Breaking Limits Ministries’ mandate is to alleviate poverty, support the needy, and bring hope to as many that we come in contact with our journey in this world. In their heart is compassion for the less privileged, the needy, and those disadvantaged in Life.

     The focus of Breaking Limits Ministry is to provide equipment to those who are disabled and may not be able to afford what they need to make life a bit easier for them mostly in Nigeria. Local Christian Organization in Nigeria called Agape Anchor Ministries helps us to identify those who need this equipment. We provide wheelchairs, walkers, walking cane, and any other equipment as needed.

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   Another focus of Breaking Limits Ministry is to feed the homeless on the streets of Surrey, BC, and share the Goodness of Salvation through that. Together with the food, we provide clothing and self-care products especially during the winter season to those on the street. We provide them bibles and encourage them to find hope in Christ. We send shoeboxes during the Christmas season packed with Toys, Stationaries, and self-care items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, sponges, etc, to countries where children will not have gotten any Christmas gifts. We partnered with the Samaritan Project in 2019. This year our shoeboxes will go to Nigeria. In each box are a bible and a gospel tract as well. Our prayer and hope are that these children will not only receive the joy of a Christmas gift but also the joy of knowing the lord.

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