Shalom Purpose:

The name “Shalom” means wholeness, restored or made complete, which describes the goal of Shalom for the people they work with. Shalom has a clear focus and aim to help vulnerable individuals to be made whole and free from addictions, so they can experience the dignity of living with purpose and meaning through the expressions of care and love of Jesus Christ, the world’s ultimate provider of freedom and example to follow. that works with the homeless street people         in Abbotsford.

Shalom Activity:

Shalom has a two-track program.

     The first track consists of the worker going to visit the street people where they are staying, to come alongside them for friendships and trust relationships, and to provide them with coffee and other        basic items.

     The second track that is currently in development is where the street people and marginalized are invited to a Shalom drop-in center help desk, to be served with basic identification needs, skills development, on-line applications, and other practical, physical, social or          spiritual needs.