Suliman and Pam are originally from Guyana, South America. Suliman was born in a devout Muslim family and Pam in a devout Hindu family. Suliman was brought up learning the Quran and practicing keeping the five pillars of Islam at a very early age. As a teenager, Suliman has question about god (Allah) he was worshipping and it was Suliman’s prayer for God Almighty to show him the true way. As a teenager Suliman ran away from home and came to Canada and after gaining his landed status here in Canada, Suliman went back and got married to his high school sweetheart Pam and brought her to Canada. While living here in Canada, Suliman and Pam found the answer to his question through Jesus Christ as their Saviour. After receiving Jesus Christ as Their Saviour and Lord they never stop sharing their faith. Suliman and his family gave everything up to serve God as missionaries in a Muslim country in Asia over 32 years ago and now involved in reaching their Jerusalem, Judah, Samaria and entire nations all over the world for God’s glory!